We started Kikko Socks because as competitive athletes we noticed too many of our teammates and friends were wearing crusty, worn-out, mediocre socks and didn’t know they could have better. We already loved the experience of wearing amazing socks and saw an opportunity to put our own special take on helping athletes be more comfortable doing what they love most.

In 2016, we launched our signature product, the ultra-comfy and super durable Athlete Crew. We instantly began hearing how much you loved your Kikkos. How they were your go-to socks and not just for ultimate. We knew we were on to something and that we didn’t have to limit ourselves to only socks.

Taking a slow and steady approach to growing our business, we are choosing to focus on sourcing quality products from manufacturers whose business practices we feel good about supporting. We believe in a quality-first approach and making sure we get things right the first time. Because in the end, whether it’s a long tournament weekend, pickup in the park or competing at Nationals, we believe you should always have gear that keeps up and keeps you feeling good.

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